data-driven businesses.

business impact through smart decisions.

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who we are.

We are technology and strategy craftspeople. Working together as one and driven to make a difference. In everything we do we stand for competence, business focus and passion. K-A-P, as we say it in Swedish.

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what we do.

We help our clients to become sustainable data-driven businesses. We do it through delivery of technology and strategy implementation for smart decision-making. In order to succeed, we focus on four key areas.

Developing highly competitive data-driven advantages

– is a natural response to business challenges for any kind of company. It’s about getting the right facts and insights that spark ideas for optimizing processes, improving customer experience, detecting malfunctions and fraud, and much more. It’s what you do to become better and more efficient.


Building solutions with custom software and standard platforms

– is a pragmatic approach to developing. Standard platforms are global for a reason. Custom software is what you add to make it yours. Combining them saves time and money and create better results.


Implementing new
behaviors and ways of working

– is about taking action. This is the time when everybody including top management takes the leap forward. This is when a new digital culture starts, new KPIs see first light, and work becomes agile. This is it. The beginning of a new era.


Innovating around digitalization of products and services

– is about refusing to become unsuccessful. Therefore, whilst the company is acting in the present, we are testing new concepts for tomorrow. It can be about new services, new business models, new customer needs, intrapreneurship. Anything that can keep the company innovative and going forward.

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how we do it.

Our consulting services cover everything from design thinking and prototyping, to software development and user adoption. The approach consists of three parts.

Establish digital foundations

– is about zooming in on your business strategy and selecting and activating the right people, processes and platforms to take it further, faster. Highlights: Cloud platform, data platform, integration platform, migration to the cloud. Existing investments together with new technology.


Explore digital possibilities

means deepening your digital transformation, getting under the skin of your customers, identifying and seizeing promising digital business opportunities and ideateing business and tech innovations. Highlights: Digital steering group, digital customer journey, concepts, prototypes, pilots.


Accelerate digital initiatives

is about converting raw digital ideas into practical business solutions. This includes setting up the digital organization, its methods and work tools. Highlights: Agile working processes, cross-functional teams, expert skills, automation, new digital services and solutions, measuring, analyzing, direct customer feedback.

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industry focus.

We are an international premium solution partner, solving complex business challenges. We focus on companies and organizations in primarily three exciting industries.


is entering the era of Industry 4.0, where technology, economy, and sustainability go hand in hand. The future belongs to the bold, and we are here to help. Let’s start right away.


Professional Services

are transforming rapidly, through new digital technology and automated processes. Machines, apps, people and technology will communicate more, people and technology will be more and more integrated. We know how. 


Public Transport

is evolving from a necessary evil to a sustainable, smart and future-proof choice. It’s a revolution driven by global mega trends and fueled by new technology. The consumers demand non-stop smooth solutions and that’s where we come in.