data-driven businesses.


business impact through smart decisions.

Mikael and Kathrine in their fashion mode.

who we are.

We are technology and strategy craftspeople driven to make a difference. Competence, business focus and passion in everything we do. KAP, as we say it in Swedish.

Fredrik writes good looking code.

what we do.

We help our clients to become sustainable data-driven businesses – through delivery of technology and strategy implementation for smart decision-making.

Develop highly competitive data-driven advantages.

Build solutions with custom software and standard platforms.

Implement new behaviors and ways of working.

Innovate around digitalization of products and services.

Jimi points to the right things.

how we do it.

Our consulting services cover everything from design thinking and prototyping, to software development and user adoption. The approach consists of three parts.

Establish digital foundations.

Explore digital possibilities.

Accelerate digital initiatives.

Magda on an activity-based work environment.

industry focus.

We are an international premium solution partner, to solve complex business challenges. Our focus is on companies and organizations in primarily three industries.


Professional Services

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