Business impact
through smart decisions.

what we believe in.

True impact in everything we do – as solution partner for our clients, and as family of technology and strategy craftspeople.

how we do it.

We help our clients to become sustainable data-driven businesses – through delivery of technology and strategy implementation for smart decision-making.

what we do.

Developing highly competitive data-driven advantages.

Utilizing modern architecture and development processes.

Implementing new behaviors and ways of working.

Innovating around product and service development.

what we focus on.


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Magnus Jönsson, Utvecklare

Magnus Jönsson, Utvecklare

Vi säger välkommen till Magnus Jönsson som kommer arbeta som utvecklare inom vårt affärsområde Analytics....
Date : 4 december, 2019
Josefin Tallroth, Recruiter

Josefin Tallroth, Recruiter

Welcome Josefine Tallroth, who will be part of our People & Culture team. Josefine has...
Date : 4 februari, 2020
Markus Grahn, Developer

Markus Grahn, Developer

Markus is a Master of Science in Engineering Physics whose interest in programming has grown...
Date : 21 januari, 2020

our guiding principles.

Competence, business focus and passion in everything we do.
KAP, as we say it in Swedish.