Date : 13 november, 2017

Discussed the need for a new sofa with my brother and his wife, where the main question was if the size and shape of the sofa would actually look good in their living room or not. A smart solution for their problem is IKEA Place, a new AR (augmented reality) app, which allows you to place a piece of furniture in your own home before moving on to the website to buy it.

Swedish optician Synsam also launched an AR app, Styleab, to help you try out glasses. Brand name and prices are available to help you choose from their range of products. I would have appreciated some filtering function to make the app more user friendly, for example ability to select glasses by shape, colour, brands or some other information you probably stored in your PIM system.


A lot of possibilities to create useful apps opened up as Apple recently launched built-in AR support for iOS 11 and Android started the launch of their ARCore. I had a talk with one of Stratiteq’s app specialists Björn Bentmar and we came up with a whole bunch of ideas for how to combine PIM information and AR functionality in different businesses and work areas. Here are a few of them:

  • Measure a surface and calculate requirements for tiles, wallpaper, modular shelving or pavers for a patio. With some additional product information and an image you can easily select between different options and make a purchase decision.
  • Get information about a specific object, a tourist attraction or a good place to have your morning coffee when you are in a specific location in a museum, in a new town or on your daily commute to work.
  • View the complex technical product you have in front of you from different angles or as a cross section image and get some basic instructions for how to install or perform service .
  • Make your products possible to display or view from different angles in your trade fair booth, or use gamification to create a special visitor experience including your products.

How could you use AR functionality together with information from your PIM system to create an even better customer experience for your business?