Date : 26 juni, 2018

It’s that time of the year. First half of 2018 is almost done and we are all getting ready to enter the vacation mode. I hope you’ve had a tremendous year so far! Maybe you’ve exceeded your targets, managed to win that prestigious customer, hired some brilliant people and the future is looking oh so bright! Or, maybe you have experienced a sudden break, lost some precious customers to competitors (maybe even to solutions in adjacent areas), realised that your offering is not hitting home as much as it used to and the people you have on board lack some skills that are increasingly important.

Which ever situation you are in – we are all most likely starting to look at 2019 and the strategy process coming up during the autumn. If you’d like to try a different approach, I recommend looking at the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas. The canvas will help you address all the above questions and more in a new manor. You will be collaborating and visualizing what you discuss in a way that increases mutual understanding, provides structure, customer focus and offers new insights. And you will have fun while doing so!

If you’d like to look closer at questions like:

  • how are the trends surrounding my business affecting my business model, offerings, skills and organisation?
  • how can I improve/change my go-to-markets strategy and what new positions can I take?
  • how can better understand my customer and end-user to ensure that I’m helping them solve their jobs better than my competitors are?
  • how can digital solutions improve how we internally collaborate and increase efficiency?
  • how can digital solutions improve my customer experiences, develop new services and new revenue streams?
  • how do we need to change to be better positioned for the future challenges?
  • how do other businesses and industries tackle the same questions and can we learn from them to excel in other industries?

Then why don’t you give me a call at +46 766 447008 or send me an email at and let’s make your strategy process for 2019 one of the best!