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A webcast from Stratiteq.


EPISODE 8. What happens when incentive laws, arranged by governments, are used to stimulate investments and digitalization of countries, such as Brazil? Our guest Marcelo Abreu (Head of Innovation and New Business Manager for Agribusiness and Utilities in Venturus) is a Computer Engineer that has been working for more than 20 years within the software development industry. Hosts: Kim Hedberg and Fredrik Töörn. (Recorded June 4, 2020)

EPISODE 7. What to do when the expected high season collapses due to Covid-19? Our guest Monique Dekker (Area Vice President Austria/Italy/Hungary Hyatt hotels, and General Manager Park Hyatt Vienna) talks about what it’s like to lead a hospitality business which over a night loses all demand for its services, and how to you prepare for the ”new normal”. Hosts: Kim Hedberg and Peter Furby. (Recorded May 27, 2020)

EPISODE 6. How to prepare for the ”new normal”, and offer safe traveling with public transport when the society opens up again? Our guest Birgit Wirth, Customer Projects Director Arriva UK Trains at Arriva Group, talks about challenges with COVID-19. Hosts: Kim Hedberg and Jan Landelius. (Recorded May 27, 2020)

EPISODE 5. Our guest Vinay Nair – Founder & CEO Aarialife – talks about how to help farmers in rural India to improve their farming skills with technology, increasing yield and reducing cost. Hosts: Kim Hedberg and Peter Furby. (Recorded May 7, 2020)

EPISODE 4. Our guest Arif Beg – Managing Director at Ciklum in Pakistan – talks about offshoring, nearshoring and value based leadership. Hosts: Kim Hedberg and Magnus Särnevång. (Recorded May 7, 2020)

EPISODE 3. Our guest Yngvar Ugland – Executive Vice President, Head of DNB NewTechLab – talks about how it’s possible to build a platform which should handle government support in corona-times in three weeks – where failure is not an option. Hosts: Kim Hedberg and Peter Furby. (Recorded May 7, 2020)

EPISODE 2 [EDIT]. Our guest Lars Munch Johansen, President and Co-Founder of Brandhouse, talks about entrepreneurship and innovation. Hosts: Kim Hedberg and Magnus Särnevång. This video has been edited compared to the original version, to clarify references to Boozt and its history. (Recorded April 29 and May 5, 2020)

EPISODE 1. Our guest Mario Morales Rodríguez, Director of Strategy and Innovation Central America at Ernst & Young, talks about ”CIO’s seven sins”. Hosts: Kim Hedberg and Magnus Särnevång. (Recorded April 23, 2020)