Our 4 key areas to make data your competitive advantage.

Your data, your value.

Developing sustainable and data-driven advantages is a natural response to business challenges for any kind of company. It’s about getting the right facts and insights that spark ideas for optimizing processes, improving customer experience, detecting malfunctions and fraud, and much more. It’s what you do to become better and more efficient.

We help you find your data, understand it, and identify what data you’re missing. Then we visualize it and add advanced analytics for better insights and for making smarter decisions in the future. We help you apply AI and enhance the value of your data to optimize your operations, create new services or other business benefits.

– Data discovery
– Defining and implementing data-driven architecture
– Collecting, storing and creating event-based services, eg predictive maintenance
– Visualizing data for smart insights
– Developing advanced analytics capabilities
– Develop unique data-driven advantages powered by AI-technologies

Your technical enablers.

Building solutions can be done with custom software or standard platforms. Choosing the right combination is a pragmatic and powerful approach to development, using the latest technology, increasing speed and ensuring scalability. We help you identify and build the best future proof solution for your specific challenge.

– Defining IT-strategy and architectural roadmap
– Defining and implementing modern cloud and hybrid architecture
– Custom and/or platform based SW and app development
– Developing datadriven CRM-solutions for Sales, Customer Service and Marketing
– Custom-built B2B customer portals and e-commerce solutions

Your way of being.

Becoming a data-driven organization is a transition that involves people, and you can’t change if you’re standing still. Take action by implementing new behaviors and ways of working. We help you move the needle.

– Process optimization
– Implementing agile ways of working with software development
– User adoption
– Culture mapping

Your innovation.

Innovating around digitalization of products and services is about refusing to become unsuccessful. Therefore, whilst the company is acting in the present, we help you imagine, test and evaluate new concepts for tomorrow. It can be about new services, new business models, new clients needs or intrapreneurship. Anything that can keep your company innovative and moving forward. Reimagining tomorrow’s business, today.

– Design thinking and prototyping
– Defining business models, value propositions and go-to-market strategies
– Innovating around digitalization of products and services
– Customized Hackathons

One of the things I like most about Stratiteq is the personal closeness we have with our clients, we do not see it as customer and supplier relationships. Instead we have long-term partnerships, where we solve complex challenges together. We also have a strong culture and this is reflected in everything we do.

Gustav Hektor
Gustav Hektor Business Developer Stratiteq

Your data-driven future – our knowhow.