Date : 11 januari, 2018

InRiver PIM has many useful features for further improvement of the user experience and/or to streamline daily work tasks. A recent addition is In context editing, allowing you to set up editable views of your product information in its context. I really like this way to set up for exampel a view that looks like the product page on your website where you can work with enrichment of fields from product as well as item entities in one and the same view.

A customized input table for certain kind of data, an adjusted view of technical data that make more sense to the editors or a view with campaign content are other ways in context editing could facilitate enrichment work.

The function could also be used to present information from external systems or be integrated with web services to create useful tools, as an example used to create a viewer of media types that are not supported out of the box in PIM.

Working as PIM responsible at a company within the marine industry my main challenge was the implementation of the new work process. New products were only added to our product assortment a few times a year. This made it a bit hard for my colleagues, who were not working in the PIM system on a daily basis, to remember how to work with enrichment of data from one time to the next. Had the in context editing function been available back then, it would definitely have been a solution to the problem, where the editors could make their part of the work in a view that were more familiar to them.

Edit in context was launched with Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC), but can also be used in InRiver 6.3 with servicepack 3 installed.